Things that are cool.

A Love Story

I’m a sucker for love stories. I love hearing about the magic that is conjured when two people meet and fall in love.

Today at work, I was listening to The Moth, which is something I usually do when I’m tired of listening to music, but would like to listen to something. If you don’t know The Moth is an organization dedicated to the art of telling stories. It hosts numerous shows around the country and shares the stories via its website and podcast.

I came across this story today and I thought it was too cute that I had to share.


Things that make my day

  1. A good cup of chai latte.
  2. Temperatures in the 70s and lots of sunshine.
  3. Doing something nice for someone else. Like, giving them something they’ve been wanting.
  4. Exploring unfamiliar areas.
  5. Eating at an independently owned restaurant.
  6. Hearing from friends who are far away.
  7.  An uncharacteristically romantic gesture from my boyfriend, how ever small.
  8. Being given unexpected and surprise gifts and deeds.
  9. A boost in my self-confidence.
  10. A good outfit and/or hair day.
  11. Listening to a song with a good beat  and bass in my car.
  12. Acquiring a new little trinket for my collection.
  13. Nice compliments, especially ones when I’m compared to people I look up to.
  14. Learning something new, especially skills that will help me be more efficient or make tasks easier.

What things make your day?


Life update.

I just finished up my third week of my internship at ModCloth. It is really exciting to be working at such a fantastic company. At the same time, however, it can be a drag. Staring at a computer for the majority of 7-8 hours is not fun, and I’m sure it’s taking a toll on my eyes. Also, my shy, introverted personality makes it difficult for me to interact with the people I work with, and that’s annoying. I’m glad though that I’m using my skills I learned in school on projects that will be seen by thousands, if not, millions of girls around the world. I have already learned quite a bit; things like sticking to your ethics and values, and knowing art and design history is really important.

I have been doing pretty much nothing aside from my internship. When I arrive back home everyday, I’m too exhausted to do anything. I just take a shower, eat, and video chat with Mark. I still have to catch up everything else I have been wanting to do, but I don’t know when that will happen. It has been 1 month since Mark and I have seen each other, and it will be another month and 18 days until we see each other again. Being in a long distance relationship is rough, especially for an irrational, over-thinking, insecure girl who can be all kinds of emotional.

It’s really nice not having to juggle so many different things in life. So, I’m just trying to take things easy right now.


Life, Things that are cool.

Sleep Your Way to Success

I was watching the Today show this morning, which is something I don’t regularly do. I was in my mom’s bed and watching TV, just trying to deal with this disgusting cold. The Today show was the least uninteresting thing I could find on TV. The hosts mentioned this commencement address by Arianna Huffington, and got me curious about her whole talk. I just watched it, and you should too. She speaks about something I have begun to believe during the past year or so. That is the importance of taking care of your own well-being. Well-being was just one small aspect of the bigger idea she presents, which was redefining success. She also talks about empathy—another thing that I have a lot of belief in. Although she spoke to a women’s college, this talk applies to men too.


Taking It Easy

This is the first time I am sick since August. I survived this last school year without getting sick, which is a first in a very, very long time. I don’t like how a stuffy nose and a sore throat can make my whole self feel miserable.

I have been on “summer vacation” for a few weeks now. It’s both relieving and boring to have to do nothing. Graduation was fun. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my internship situation. Mark traveled back to California with me, which made the transition from Michigan home to California home easier. But he’s now back in Michigan and I miss him a lot. We’re still not sure when we’ll be able to see each other next.

I haven’t been stressing out too much about what I should be doing now that I’m finished my Bachelor’s. I’m just recovering from being in school for 18 or so years and sort of “winging it.”

This is a picture of the sunset while we were driving through Nebraska.




For Kevin

For Kevin

Today, we were met with the news that our friend, Kevin DeLeon, left and is never coming back. Our regular Thursday routines went on with much sorrow. This news and Kevin himself reminded me of something really important. Like Kevin, we all should never forget our friends. We should not let our priorities take over the time we should be spending with each other. We need to make sure that the people we love know that we love them. Tell them in every single, tiny way how much they are important and valued. We need to be kind, allow people to come into our lives, and make each others’ days! We need to take care of each other, support our ambitions and successes, and soothe our pains. Realize that life cannot be done alone. Life can disappear without notice and at the least likely of times. And once that happens, thinking “Oh, I should have…” only adds more pain and grief to the loss. Let’s make sure that we don’t have any regrets.

Here is to you, Kevin. Thank you so much for being the friendly and loving soul you were. Hopefully, we’ll see each other again.


The past is hardly ever worth remembering



This afternoon, I was browsing through my old journals in search of some inspiration for a project I’m currently working on. I became distracted by the paragraphs and paragraphs and started to read my accounts of what happened during the past few years. I felt awkward while I was doing this because I don’t like anyone reading my writing, not even myself. However, it was interesting to take another look at the memories that my mind has lost and remember the emotions I felt. A lot has changed since then, and although those memories were happy in themselves, they were weaved into very unpleasant memories and they gave me a grim and sore feeling. For a short moment, I felt unhappy and unsatisfied. I had to consciously bring myself to the present and realize  this rather wonderful place I’m in right now.

It seems like I was a much better journal keeper a few years ago. I’m slightly annoyed at myself for not being as disciplined. So, despite that uncomfortable feeling, reading my old journals has inspired me to continue writing. (…and also blogging.)